‘Wilfred’ stars discuss DVD extras (Exclusive Interview)

‘Wilfred’ stars discuss DVD extras
Interview by Michael Aaron Gallagherof StayFamous.Net

Elijah Wood and Jason Gann star in "Wilfred." Photo by Ray Mickshaw.
Elijah Wood and Jason Gann star in “Wilfred.” Photo by Ray Mickshaw.

There aren’t many critically acclaimed shows in the world starring a man in a talking dog suit – except of course the Australian and American versions of “Wilfred.”

Now that the first season of the FX comedy starring Elijah Wood (as Ryan) and Jason Gann (as Wilfred) has drawn to a close, I asked the stars about what they would like to see on the DVD when it is released in the coming months.

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “When people go out and buy the DVD of season one, what do you want to be on the bonus features?”

Elijah Wood: “Well, there are actually some deleted scenes, some of which I was a real fan of. There is actually a great deleted scene that I won’t reveal because it will likely be on the DVD from the mother episode that is quite hilarious.”

Jason Gann: “Yes, there are a lot of scenes.”

Elijah Wood: “I’ve got to say there has to be a fair amount of bloopers, right?”

Jason Gann: “I’m sort of more aware of what I really don’t want to be on there… I watch behind the scenes – the making of movies, but at the same time I kind of wish they weren’t there, because if it’s a really fantastic movie that’s kind of got a magical element to it… on the rare occasion that I am drawn into that world, I often don’t like seeing how different things are made.””I like interviews. I think we should do interviews. And I like bloopers and we certainly have – because our show is so precious of time we do have a lot of extra stuff that unfortunately had to be cut. Hopefully, that will be in there and people can get to see some alternatives, maybe just see a few scenes that are a bit more stretched out that we didn’t have the benefit of the time with.”

Find out what makes the cut, when “Wilfred” comes out on DVD. In the mean time, for more information on downloads and other merchandise from the show, visit www.fxnetworks.com. You can also follow Elijah Wood on Twitter @woodelijah and Jason Gann @JasonGann.

‘Wilfred’ stars discuss DVD extras
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