Elijah Wood: Saying Goodbye to ‘Wilfred’ (Exclusive Interview)

Elijah Wood: Saying Goodbye to ‘Wilfred’
Exclusive Interview by Michael Aaron Gallagher of StayFamous.Net

Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood

As one of the kindest, down-to-earth actors I have interviewed, I always enjoy chatting with The Lord of the Rings star, Elijah Wood. He recently talked to me about the final season of the comedy Wilfred, in which he plays Ryan, a young professional who befriends his neighbor’s dog (who he sees as a man in a dog costume). He reflected on what it’s been like to be a part of the FX family over the years.

“It’s been great.” Elijah said. “It’s been a joy to watch the network really grow in the last four years as well…. We had something that was quite strange and a little outside of the box (or a lot outside of the box) and we always had full support from them to make the kind of creative decisions that we wanted to make, which was an extraordinary thing. They were never afraid of where we would go with the show and so we always felt supported. And to make something that is not altogether common and to feel like you’ve got the support, the genuine support of the network, was really wonderful.”

Looking back on his experience over the years with the show, Elijah says there is one thing he will remember the most.

“Honestly, it would be the family that we created, or that was created as a result of making the show, on set. I think in a way the hardest thing to let go of when it all came to an end was the crew and the family that had been created over the years, because it was really the same group of people for the most part for the majority of the episodes over the course of four years…. We got to go to work every day and have a laugh and what a gift that was, to work with people that you love, to work with material that was constantly hilarious. It was genuinely something I would look forward to every year, that for three months I got to go to work with these great people and have a laugh. And I’ll definitely miss that.”

Wilfred is available now on Netflix.

Elijah Wood: Saying Goodbye to ‘Wilfred’
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