Vincent Pastore to screen new film

“Vincent Pastore to screen new film”
By Michael Aaron Gallagher of StayFamous.Net


Vincent Pastore

(Syracuse, NY) – Perhaps best known for his role on the HBO original series “The Sopranos,” Vincent Pastore is a guest judge at the 7th Annual Syracuse International Film Festival. He will also be a host at Wise Guys Comedy Club, 201 S. Salina St., Syracuse. His film “Pizza With Bullets” is 8:30 p.m. Oct. 13 at the Palace Theater, Syracuse.

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “As a guest judge for the 2010 Syracuse International Film Festival, what criteria do you look for when you watch a movie?”
Vincent Pastore: “Three acts: beginning, middle, end … like ‘The Searchers,’ like ‘Shane.'”
Michael Aaron Gallagher: “You will be appearing at Wise Guys Comedy Club as well?”

Vincent Pastore: “Yes. I will be there to tell a few jokes and do some audience participation with skits and trivia.”

The Sopranos: The Complete SeriesMichael Aaron Gallagher: “Of course, one of the biggest things you’re known for is your role in ‘The Sopranos.’ Was the process of working on an HBO drama like working on a movie set, or are there differences from the way a film is made?”
Vincent Pastore: “TV is much quicker – no time for second takes, no sitting around in a trailer.”
Michael Aaron Gallagher: “Your new comedy ‘Pizza with Bullets’ is a new take on the traditional cinema portrayal of the mob. Did you enjoy poking fun at something ‘The Sopranos‘ took a little more seriously?”
Vincent Pastore: “I was able to take the character I created and run with it and Talia Shire was great to work with.”
Michael Aaron Gallagher: “What are you looking forward to the most during your visit to Syracuse?”
Vincent Pastore: “It’s great to get out of NYC once in a while and although Syracuse is in NY state, I don’t feel like I’m in NY state. So it’s the fresh air and relaxed attitude and of course … the fans who love to see us come up there. This will be my third visit in two years.”
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“Vincent Pastore to screen new film”

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