Nicole Gale Anderson takes on exciting new roles (Exclusive Interview)

Nicole Gale Anderson takes on exciting new roles
Exclusive Interview by Michael Aaron Gallagher of StayFamous.Net

Nicole Gale Anderson
Nicole Gale Anderson

As one of Hollywood’s most talented, rising stars under 25, actress Nicole Gale Anderson is keeping busy with a handful of projects, including ABC Family’s “Make It or Break It,” guest-starring roles on the ABC comedy “Happy Endings” and The CW’s “Ringer,” and two independent movies currently in post-production.

While she prepared for her recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee, where she was scheduled to film the independent movie “Lukewarm,” she took some time to talk about her whirlwind summer and the exciting new projects she is working on.

“I’m in a position in my career where I worked consistently with children’s programming and now I’m trying to gradually make my way into an older audience,” Anderson said. “So I’m definitely enjoying these different guest-starring roles.”

Born in Rochester, Indiana, Nicole began her career as a print model, working for several fashion brands including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line. She later went on to land parts on the children’s shows “Unfabulous,” “Zoey 101,” “iCarly” and “Hannah Montana.”

Her breakout role finally came in 2009, as Macy Misa on the Disney Channel’s popular series “Jonas L.A.,” which eventually opened the door for her to join the cast of ABC Family’s “Make It or Break It,” soon to begin its third season.

“Luckily, with the Disney Channel, I feel like my major fan base from that has grown with me, and as I’m getting older, they’re getting older too,” Anderson said. “So the things that I’m working on now, they are excited to see and they’re tuning in to watch and it’s something that I feel they relate to more now that they’re older and I’m older. So it’s great that they followed me along and they’re still supporting me throughout my career and they’re excited for the change as well.”

On Oct. 5, Nicole will appear in an episode of the ABC comedy series “Happy Endings.”

“It was really great to do comedy again and it was also amazing to work with Elisha (Cuthbert),” Anderson said.  “It was a lot of fun working with Megan Park as well. She guest stars in the episode with me and she’s from ABC Family’s ‘Secret Life’.”

During pilot season, earlier this year, Nicole also auditioned for The CW series “Ringer” and landed the role as Zoey Deutch’s friend, Monica. Her character debuts in the Nov. 1 episode.

“I originally auditioned for the part of Juliet and then again for a high school bully,” Anderson said. “It was really nice that they kept bringing me back and tried to find a role that sort of fit.”

In addition to her numerous television roles, Nicole is also a rising movie star who tested her ability as a dramatic actress as Bianca Miller in Lifetime’s “Accused at 17” (by screenwriter Christine Conradt) and showcased her knack for comedy as the lighthearted character Hope Plotnick in the movie sequel “Mean Girls 2.”

Despite competition among other Hollywood actresses with a similar ethnicity and hair color in her age group, Nicole explains that at the end of the day, she is focused less on popularity and more on working hard to be the best actress possible for the part.

“I know that we all have our own things going on and if you’re right for the role, you’re right for the role,” she said. “The most I can do is prepare myself for the character and do my best, and hope for the best.”

Nicole Gale Anderson stars in "Red Line."
Nicole Gale Anderson stars in “Red Line.”

This year, she is challenging herself even more as an actress, starring in the independent subway thriller “Red Line” by Director Robert Kirbyson and the faith-based film “Lukewarm” by Director Thomas Makowski.

“I love independent films,” Anderson said. “I feel like creatively I’m so satisfied and so fulfilled working on independents because the story is so much worth telling… It’s a lot more character-driven or story-driven as opposed to having major explosions or robots and CGI. So for me as an actress, sometimes even though the money isn’t necessarily there, I learn so much from the projects and it’s such a different experience when people are there solely because they are so passionate about having the story be told and you can just feel the energy – it’s contagious. People are putting their hearts and souls into the project. And it’s a great, almost ‘family feel’ to the projects. I fall in love with my characters and I learn so much from them, and I feel like I always come out of independents growing much more as an actress.”

In “Lukewarm” Anderson plays Jessie, the fiancée of Luke (played by Jeremy Jones), a man who has strayed from his faith and is struggling to find himself.

“It’s faith-based,” Anderson said. “But I feel like, even for non-Christians or Christians alike it’s so easily relatable, because it is about a man who loses his job due to the tough economic times that we’re in right now. He ends up working in a bar and sort of strays away from his beliefs. And the people that care and love for him get sucked into this other world. It’s just about his struggle of finding his way back to who he is and staying true to who he is instead of selling out to make a quick dime.”

Family is something that is important to Nicole in real life. She is close with her siblings and enjoys sharing her Hollywood journey with them.

“My siblings and I are all very artistically inclined. My brother goes to FIT in New York. He’s going there for haute couture design and he’s fabulously talented. And my sister is a singer-songwriter, but I think she does it more as a hobby,” Anderson said. “They’re all very, very supportive of my career – very excited when things come my way. They’re the first ones to sort of tune in or Tweet about it or tell their friends. It’s really nice to have them by my side.”

Actress Nicole Gale Anderson by DeFurio Photography.
Actress Nicole Gale Anderson by DeFurio Photography.

With her charming personality and versatility as an actress, it’s no wonder Nicole Anderson’s online popularity has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. To date, she has more than 435,000 followers on Twitter.

“It’s sort of mind blowing,” she said. “To know that 430,000 souls with heartbeats… care enough to see what I have to say on a daily basis. It’s a very strange concept. I don’t know what I did to get that many people to follow my Twitter page. But it’s really cool and it also puts into perspective how great my fans are – the fact that after watching what I do they take the time to go on Twitter and search for my page and see what I’m up to next and it’s also really exciting to hear from them. I read all of my @replies and I love hearing what they have to say. It’s just a very strange concept. But I’m definitely very, very flattered and appreciative of all the love. So hopefully I’m entertaining enough!”

Happy Endings” featuring guest star Nicole Gale Anderson airs Oct. 5 on ABC. She will also be appearing on The CW’s “Ringer” on Nov. 1.

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Nicole also teamed up with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as a youth spokesperson and ambassador for their global UL Safety Smart® Program, promoting child health and safety worldwide. To learn what you can do to stay safe, visit

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