Louise Roe hosts ‘Plain Jane’ on the CW

“Louise Roe hosts ‘Plain Jane’ on the CW”
By Michael Aaron Gallagherof StayFamous.Net

“A show for everyone who dreams of finding love and discovering the true meaning of beauty, ‘Plain Jane’ is funny, fashionable and – dare we say – fierce.”


Louise Roe
Louise Roe

For many young women, the ever-changing world of fashion can be intimidating and, at times, a bit overwhelming. But when fashion expert Loiuse Roe (of MTV’s “The City”) takes on a “Plain Jane” each week in her new reality series, she will transform not only their outward appearance, but also give them the confidence to reveal their true feelings to a secret crush.

Louise Roe is stylish, witty, and all-together lovable as the host of “Plain Jane,” airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW Television Network.

In a recent interview, Roe told me that her favorite part of the makeover process is the shoes and the shopping. For her, the show is fundamentally about, “How much fashion really boosts your confidence and can completely change the way you feel about yourself.”

“They don’t even know that they’ve got these cute little waists and great legs half the time,” Roe said. “They’re just wearing sweats the entire time.”

But before the girls are transformed from head to toe on the outside, they must first learn what it takes to be confident on the inside. The unique tasks assigned to each participant, enable them to build their self-esteem and overcome some of their biggest fears.
Cristen (left) and Louise Roe on PLAIN JANE on The CW.
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“We have a little device called the zapper, which is basically like a kind of dog collar.” Roe explained, “And, I’m always like, ‘It won’t kill you. It’s not a fatal electrocution.’ But, it is quite funny. I know it sounds mean, but we kind of strap it to their ankle and give her the rules. And when she breaks the rules, it’s just a gentle electrocution reminder to remember what the rules are.”

For every girl who wants to know what it takes to go from being a “Plain Jane” to a head-turner, Roe offers plenty of style tips about jewelry, shoes and handbags for viewers too. After all, like she tells participants, “I’m not changing you. Just taking who you are and tweaking it a bit.”

When it comes to fashion, “Plain Jane” is the one summer accessory you shouldn’t go without. “Plain Jane” premieres at 9 p.m. July 28 after “America’s Next Top Model” on the CW.

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“Louise Roe hosts ‘Plain Jane’ on the CW”

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