Lizzie Brocheré thanks ‘American Horror Story’ fans for watching (Exclusive Interview)

Lizzie Brocheré - Photo by Michael Becker/FX
Lizzie Brocheré – Photo by Michael Becker/FX

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “I read that one of your parents was a casting director, and I was wondering growing up, did you learn any lessons from them about the entertainment business that has helped you in your career and really prepared you for working in Hollywood?”

Lizzie Brocheré: “Prepared me for working in Hollywood, no, because the French and Hollywood are a whole different business, but have I learned things about–yes, of course. I’m not sure I actually had lessons in the way that my mom wanted to give me; you know, sat me down and told me that this is how this was happening and blah, blah, blah.

I grew up around actors, a lot of them struggling actors. I don’t know why, but a lot of them struggling. That’s always been a part of the reality of this job, for example. I don’t know what else I’ve learned–yes, of course I’ve learned a lot, of course. Also there’s one thing, it’s that I’ve worked at my mom’s every time I didn’t have a job–not every time, but a lot of times when I didn’t have work, so I’ve been on the other side.

Evan Peters (left) as Kit and Lizzie Brochere as Grace. Photo by Byron Cohen/FX.
Evan Peters (left) as Kit and Lizzie Brochere as Grace. Photo by Byron Cohen/FX.

I’ve been talking to producers about the casting that I’ve been working on. Talking about the actors that I’ve felt like hearing their answers and their feedbacks of why they didn’t choose that person or that brilliant actor that I thought was amazing in the scene and hearing their comments. Yes, it makes you, of course, a little more realistic about the whole game; that’s for sure.”

Michael Aaron Gallgher: “Do you have a message for the fans of the show? Is there anything you’d like to say to them?”

Lizzie Brocheré: “I don’t know what to say of them. So many things, I guess. Thanks for watching, that’s for sure, and we’re shooting Episode 10 right now. This season is getting more and more twisted, and going in darker and darker places. It’ll be a pleasure to talk to everyone once we’re allowed to actually say everything. That’ll be great.”