Kelli Berglund is Disney’s next big star (Exclusive Interview)

“Kelly Berglund is Disney’s next big star”
Exclusive Interview by Michael Aaron Gallagher

Kelli Berglund
Kelli Berglund

At age 16, actress Kelli Berglund is about to take Hollywood by storm, starring as the lightning-fast, bionic teenager “Bree” in the new action-packed, adventure series “Lab Rats” on Disney XD.

The show, which also stars Billy Unger and Spencer Boldman, is a new comedy from the producers of “That 70’s Show,” about three bionic teens, who are learning how to lead a “normal” life in high school, while managing their superhuman abilities.

In a recent interview, Berglund talked about her new on-screen role.

“I just loved how she’s a really tough bionic girl, but at the same time, she can still be vulnerable and have her insecurities, while out in the real world,” Berglund said.

On television, she may be awkwardly learning to cope with her bionic powers, but in real life, Berglund is a nationally recognized dancer, whose gracefulness on the dance floor has resulted in many top honors. In fact, it was her dancing that ultimately led to her big break as an actress.

As a child, Berglund’s interest in acting stemmed from watching her best friend go on auditions. But it wasn’t until she was a featured dancer in a school play that she attracted the attention of a talent manager who spoke to her parents after the show and referred her to Hollywood agent, Michelle Zeitlin.

“Kelli first came to me when she was nine years old, and I was so impressed with her youthful confidence and her graceful moves. I was just hoping she could also act! I signed Kelli immediately,” says Zeitlin.

Kelli went on to land print campaigns and television commercials for companies like Old Navy, Bratz, McDonald’s and Mattel. She even appeared in a commercial for Charter Telephone along with Ariel Winter (before her days as Alex Dunphy on ABC’s “Modern Family”).

After several small roles, Berglund eventually landed the part of Bree on Disney’s “Lab Rats.” In spite of the challenges of balancing a busy schedule that includes schoolwork, rehearsals, and shooting the episodes in Hollywood, she is enjoying the whole process of making a television series.

In fact, one of her favorite parts of the show is the special effects, especially with Spencer Boldman’s character, who has super-human strength and can lift heavy objects. One of the most exciting elements for her are the action scenes (like running and fighting) and she has even had the opportunity to incorporate her dancing into a few scenes as well.

“Dance is something that means a lot to me and I’ve done it my whole life,” Berglund said. “Being able to do it on the show is a really exciting experience for me.”

Trained in several styles of dance, Berglund says her favorite form right now is contemporary, which blends ballet and jazz.

“I really get to express myself and tell a story through that kind of dance,” she said.

And even though Kelli is about to become a big television star, she recalls the best advice she has been given so far: “Stay grounded, always. Always just remember what’s important and you’re bound to go far,” she says.

“Lab Rats” airs Mondays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Disney XD. For more information visit You can also follow Kelli Berglund on Twitter at and “like” her Official Facebook fan page (click here). The address to send her fan mail is Kelli Berglund c/o Persona PR, 8840 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 109, Beverly Hills, California 90211.

“Kelly Berglund is Disney’s next big star”
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