KC and the Sunshine Band brightens NY State Fair (Exclusive Interview)

KC and the Sunshine Band brightens NY State Fair
Interview by Michael Aaron Gallagher

Harry Wayne Casey of KC and the Sunshine Band.
Harry Wayne Casey of KC and the Sunshine Band.
When it comes to disco classics, KC and the Sunshine band certainly know how to make a crowd happy. Their hit songs “That’s the Way (I Like It)”, “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty” and “Get Down Tonight” have kept them a part of pop culture since the 1970s and been featured in more than 200 film soundtracks and at every major sporting event in the world.

Often called the “Founder of the Dance Revolution” Harry Wayne Casey recently talked about his upcoming performance at 8 p.m. Aug. 28 at the New York State Fair in Syracuse.

Q: Over the years, how many shows do you think you’ve done in the Syracuse area?

A: Oh my God, I don’t know. I’ve been there many, many times. I’ve appeared there many, many years ago with the Jackson 5, with The Commoderes and events on our own.

Q: For people who may have seen you in concert in the past, what can they expect at your upcoming concert at the New York State Fair?

A: We constantly update the show. It’s high energy, it’s choreographed and there’s different types of music throughout the evening… it’s not a disco show.

Q: What do you think it is about KC and the Sunshine Band that has given you guys longevity in the music business?

A: I think the energy and the music.

Q: When you look back on the early days, did you ever talk about what you hoped the future would hold for the band? And did you ever imagine you would still be holding big shows this many years later?

A: No, we never even thought about that or even think about stuff like that. I mean even today, I just think about what I’m doing right now. I don’t think about how long I might be doing it or how much longer I might do it.

Q: What are some of the things that are going through your mind in those first few moments when you step out on stage?

A: I think the first things for every performer is – ‘Are they going to like me?’ I think actually, when we first come out it’s like up until that point we’ve been pretty nervous and pretty anxious to get out there. So it’s kinda like once they announce it and once we step out on stage it’s like the pressure’s off, you know what I mean? We can relax now. We can just have fun and just enjoy what we love doing.

Q: What’s your favorite song to perform on stage right now?

A: I enjoy doing them all. Recently, I’ve been doing a cover of ‘You Are So Beautiful,’ which I really love doing. I love doing the whole show. The whole show’s fun.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say to the fans about your upcoming show?

A: It’s been a few years since we’ve been back to the State Fair, so it’s going to be nice. I love New York. I love all of New York State. It’s going to be great to come back and share some old memories and new memories with everyone.

KC and the Sunshine Band brightens NY State Fair
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