"Elvis Mitchell: Under the Influence" Features Guest Bill Murray

“Elvis Mitchell: Under the Influence” Features Guest Bill Murray
By Michael Aaron Gallagher

For fans of Bill Murray (“What About Bob,” “Lost in Translation”), there is nothing more exciting than watching an extensive one-on-one interview with the actor. In the second installment of “Elvis Mitchell: Under the Influence,” Murray discusses some of his favorite classical inspirations, everything from the Hollywood actresses he admires, to some of his own best on-screen moments.

Bill Murray Interviewed by Host Elvis Mitchell

In one of the highlights of the interview, Bill Murray described watching old foreign films, like “A Romance of Happy Valley” (1919), when he lived in Paris, France. He talked about the brilliant work of many early filmmakers and the masterpieces they created by pioneering special effects.

“It’s hard to make a movie.” He said, “It’s hard to make a bad movie… It’s hard work. But if you’ve seen the great movies, you’ve got to feel that obligation… to get it right.”

“Elvis Mitchell: Under the Influence” is a delightful treat for film enthusiasts. The personal, direct interviewing style of Mitchell creates an environment where celebrities can discuss their projects thoughtfully and in-depth, without feeling the need to promote the film or entertain an audience.

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“Elvis Mitchell: Under the Influence” Features Guest Bill Murray
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