The World is Not So Big

“The World is Not So Big”
by Michael Aaron Gallagher

A couple of months ago I started my online adventure, posting blog entries and joining social networking sites to get some more exposure. It all began late one night when I decided to go on YouTube and see what everyone was talking about. So I watched as many Numa Numa videos as I possibly could stand, and found all kinds of interesting people from around the world. True, most of the videos were a waste of my time. But between the comedy and the dancing, I actually found some real stars.
I came across one particular girl, who was talking about her life and her thoughts on random subjects like her boyfriend and what she wanted to do with her life. She wasn’t trying to be something, or prove anything to anyone. She didn’t want to be famous and she wasn’t trying to sell anything. She was just being herself in front of a camera for all the world to see. And somehow I found myself listening to her.
That night I sent her a message telling her that I enjoyed watching her videos, and I asked her a couple of random questions about herself. Imagine my surprise when two months later, I came across her latest video, in which she was answering my questions!
Now to most people that’s not a big deal. After all, she isn’t a celebrity. But to me, it was amazing how I had inadvertently changed something. Unlike watching television, where you can’t talk to the actors, it was like the “observer affect,” as if I suddenly influenced the storyline of a reality show without meaning to.
It’s strange how on the Internet, unlike real life, you can drop into someone’s world and leave at any time without being missed. That you can find someone on YouTube who interests you and you can interact with them as if they are just another one of your friends. You can meet a complete stranger from some other part of the country and have a conversation about something completely pointless, and go on your way and back to your real life.
What I realized was the world is not so big anymore. That everyone is famous, just to a different degree. And although the people we meet along the way will come and go, there are millions of interesting people who have a story to tell, if you take the time to listen.
“The World is Not So Big”
Copyright © 2008 by Michael Aaron Gallagher
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