M&M’s Are the Best Way to Stay Famous

“M&M’s Are the Best Way to Stay Famous”
by Michael Aaron Gallagher

Well, it’s official. I am an M&M. Last year, when the company launched the web site http://www.mms.com/, allowing customers to create their own M&M version of themselves, I did it. And now, that photograph of me as a blue M&M is featured in the photo galleries of my social networking sites.

The brilliant element of M&M’s marketing strategy is that they offer something fun (the entertainment factor), while at the same time providing an advertising reminder of the classic chocolate candy. The best part is it only takes a couple of minutes to make yourself an M&M, and to choose the attributes that best describe your personality.

But M&M innovation doesn’t stop there. If you are looking for the perfect gift, you really want to tell someone how you feel, or you just want to make a social statement at a party or office get together, you can design your own bag of M&M’s. Having your M&M’s say what you want them to is another ingenious way of letting customers customize their own product, making them personally and emotionally tied to the brand.

Ultimately, M&M’s have found a way to stay socially relevant by allowing their customers to participate in their brand identity makeover. After all, when I see the M&M version of me on MySpace, I can’t help but feel connected to the iconic candy. What better way is there to be remembered?

“M&M’s Are the Best Way to Stay Famous”
Copyright © 2008 by Michael Aaron Gallagher

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