Kellyn Lindsay stars in ’20 Mississippi’

“Kellyn Lindsay stars in ‘20 Mississippi’”
By Michael Aaron Gallagher

There is something about Kellyn Lindsay’s charming personality that makes her unforgettable both on and off the big screen. Whether she is dressed in camouflage, directing the painful re-enactment of her brother’s death with a handheld camcorder, as she did in the intriguing student film “20 Mississippi” (directed by Michael Brettler), or fighting off a group of knife-wielding cult members, as she will in the upcoming independent horror film “Ms. Cannibal Holocaust” (directed by Ron Bonk), Kellyn is a serious, focused professional who delivers a spellbinding performance, you can’t take your eyes off.

In the past year alone, one of her films, “Where are you Sophia?” (directed by Nagendra Karri) was selected for the Cannes Film Festival. In addition to her modeling work, she has also appeared in television commercials and theatrical projects ranging from “Guys and Dolls” to “The Diary of Anne Frank.” When I recently learned that one of her movies would be showing at the Senior Film Showcase at Syracuse University, I immediately rearranged my schedule to cover the screening, in addition to the events I was attending at the 2009 Syracuse International Film Festival (SYRFILM).

When I first met Kellyn on the set of “Ms. Cannibal Holocaust,” this past March, I instantly noticed her poise and confidence, as she politely introduced herself. In fact, I was so struck by her, that when I left that day, I realized I had no idea what her name was. (Apparently, I was concentrating so hard on not forgetting my own name when I spoke to her, that I completely missed what she said to me.)

Having had the brief opportunity to work with her, one of the things that impresses me most about Kellyn is her ability to draw you in and captivate your attention. She can convey a full range of emotions through body language and expressions, while demonstrating that she is not just reciting lines in front of the camera, she is providing thoughtful, genuine responses.

Kellyn is simply fun to watch on screen. As an up-and-coming actress in New York City, she belongs in the same class as Evan Rachel Wood and Kristen Stewart. There is no doubt that she could compete for movie roles played by either actress and deliver a comparable performance. The caliber of her talent and her ability to work the camera (something she undoubtedly gained from her background in modeling) clearly comes across on screen. She doesn’t even need to utter a word, to draw your eyes to her.

She can be edgy and sensitive, insecure and delightfully amusing, plain and fashionable, and she is even beautiful when she cries. Words like alluring, mesmerizing, and gorgeous just aren’t enough to describe her.

Whether you are in front of the camera with her, behind the camera filming her, or at the theater enjoying one of her movies, it is a pleasure to watch her perform. She is an outstanding young actress with the ability to entertain and capture the hearts of audiences everywhere.

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“Kellyn Lindsay stars in ’20 Mississippi'”
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Photograph: Courtesy of Kellyn Lindsay

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