Exclusive Interview with Landon Austin

“Exclusive Interview with Landon Austin”
by Michael Aaron Gallagher

Landon Austin is well on his way to becoming a household name in the music industry. After winning the “Texas 10 Under 20” contest as a young singer-songwriter in Dallas, he later went on to become one of three Finalists in the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest.

Each of the finalists received $10,000 and attended the company’s Super Bowl XLII party in Phoenix, Arizona. The winner was featured in a television commercial during the halftime broadcast on FOX and was awarded a contract with Interscope records.

Even though Landon Austin didn’t win the Doritos’ challenge this year, the contest clearly opened up doors for him and his music career, by giving him national attention and thousands of fans.

So what did Landon do with the money he won? Well, like any savvy finance major, he invested it, in his own album.

The Interview

On May 7, Landon Austin was on his way from Nashville, Tennessee to Dallas, Texas after finishing up his freshman year at Belmont University. I had a chance to talk to him about the upcoming release of his EP, and what it is like for him now that his music career is starting to take off.

From the making of his music video, to revealing some of his favorite artists, Landon talked about his songs and shared his plans to work on the upcoming album.

The Music

Landon Austin’s style is a blend of some of his biggest creative influences, sprinkled with his own unique sound and original lyrics. Landon said it is hard to put his music in a particular category. Over the years, he’s performed songs that are blend of genres, ranging from acoustic to Christian. Among some of the artists he enjoys listening to are “early” John Mayer, “live” Jason Mraz tracks, Death Cab for Cutie, and Eric Clapton.

There is no mistaking his talent as a singer and songwriter. His collaboration with Kina Grannis and Nivla created a unique remix of his most popular song “Waitin,’” called “Still Waitin.’” The unique blend of hip hop and vocal talent, along with the song’s catchy chorus and unforgettable lyrics makes it must-have in any music playlist.

According to Austin, the remix was recorded in a hotel room with the help of a DJ to blend the track. When I asked him if we can expect another collaboration with his former competitors in the future, he said he definitely isn’t ruling it out.

Right now, his biggest focus is on recording and promoting his new EP, which is scheduled for release in mid-summer. The album will feature his hit single, “Waitin’.”

The Official Music Video

The official music video for the song “Waitin’” was filmed on the streets of LA, in a single day. During production, the crew even blocked off traffic so the video could be shot without interruption.

Watch the Video:

What’s Next for Landon?

Although he admits it can be difficult to manage a career in the music industry while going to school full-time, Landon Austin is proving that with talent and hard work, you can go from playing a guitar in your dorm room to collaborating with some of Nashville’s best musicians.

There is no doubt his song, “Waitin’” is ready for some serious radio airplay. Record companies take notice; Landon Austin is a free agent. Right now, he is working on an independently released album.

After the release this summer, look for Landon performing in the Nashville area in December.

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For more information on Landon Austin visit: http://www.landonaustin.com/. To watch his YouTube music videos go to YouTube.com/tayzondayfan, or add him as a friend on Myspace and Facebook. Don’t forget to download his single “Waitin,’” now available on iTunes.

“Exclusive Interview with Landon Austin”
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