Dynamite Dylan Releases Second Music Video with Post Malone (Interview)

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Dynamite Dylan. Photo by Chad Brady.
Dynamite Dylan. Photo by Chad Brady.

Social media star Dynamite Dylan is once again climbing the ranks, releasing his second music video for the song “You,” featuring Grammy-nominated recording artist Post Malone. The musical collaboration was born from a friendship that began over a mutual love of video games and eventually spawned a hit song that has since gone on to receive more than 44 Million combined views on YouTube.

“I met Post when my Dad invited him over to our house for dinner,” Dylan told StayFamous.Net recently. Dylan’s father, Ryan Friedlinghaus is the owner of the world-famous autobody shop, West Coast Customs in Burbank, California. “We started talking about games and we were actually playing the same game (Fallout 4) at the time so it was a genuine friendship we started from there. I ended up playing him some of my music and he said he liked it so we set up a collaboration.”

The dynamic duo recorded their individual parts of the song “You” in the studio and filmed the original music video together in 2016. After making some stylistic changes, the pair decided to reshoot the video. In the original version, which is more low key, Dylan takes his crush on a date to ride go-karts, play miniature golf and spend the day at the arcade, where his older brother (played by Post Malone) works.

“We ended up making a second video because once we finally got the song finalized, both Post’s and my ‘heads had changed.’” Dylan explained. “Post had gotten his face tattoos and I dyed my hair blue.”

Dynamite Dylan. Photo by Chad Brady.
Musician and YouTube star Dynamite Dylan. Photo by Chad Brady.

Although both music videos have a similar storyline, the official version, which has garnered more than 42 Million views on YouTube is a much more flashy, urban interpretation of the song, with a larger cast of actors, including model Khia Lopez as his new love interest, a team of backup dancers, futuristic lighting, and a cool graffiti backdrop.

By having the opportunity to work on two music videos with Post Malone, who is best known for hit songs like “White Iverson” and “Rockstar,” Dylan says he was able to learn about how to become a better performer.

“I love his music because it’s a mix of raw emotion with acoustics and a hint of modern music,” Dylan said. “He helped me a lot on the first music video shoot just by talking to me and telling me to loosen up and just have fun with it.”

So which version of the music video does Dylan prefer?

“The official is my favorite because I love the style and colors in it,” he said. “Gives me good vibes.”

Compare the Original and Official Music Videos for “You”

Holding onto those good vibes and staying positive on social media has allowed Dynamite Dylan to achieve extraordinary success even at a young age. As he continues to build his music career, he hopes to record an album and go on tour someday. “I’m excited to put an album together with all the music I’ve made,” he said. “Touring makes me nervous to be away from home but I think it will be a fun experience.”

In the mean time, his California adventures continue to entertain his fans, many of whom enjoy his high-octane collaborations with YouTube Superstar Jake Paul and the iconic Team 10 household.

“It is always fun to work with Jake because it’s controlled chaos and we just have fun!” Dylan said. “My favorite thing is my new loft that we built at his house.”

When he’s not laying down tracks in the recording studio, vlogging or doing a photoshoot with a lion in the front yard of the Team 10 house, Dylan usually spends his free time “gaming, streaming and sleeping…. on a good day maybe all three.”

He also enjoys spending time at his father’s autobody shop, where he has had the unique opportunity to witness some of West Coast Customs’ coolest creations. The shop, whose famous clients have included Shaquille O’Neal, Sean Combs and Justin Bieber rose to fame for its work on the MTV show Pimp My Ride and the TLC/Discovery Channel show Street Customs.

Some of the amazing projects Dylan has had a chance to unveil, include Nick Crompton‘s customized gold, vinyl-wrapped Jeep complete with light bars and an iPad Pro mounted in the dash. And that’s just one of the VIP rides that have been transformed at West Coast Customs.

“On a scale of 1-10 it’s definitely a 31!” Dylan said. “It’s super cool! My favorite experiences at the shop are when I stay the night and game all night in my office. And of course having the opportunity to see cool cars being made. I have worked on a few cars with my dad, from all of Jake’s cars to my favorite PubG VW Bus, I got to work on with the team.”

Dylan says when he is old enough to finally drive himself, his dream car is a Tesla Roadster, “because it’s fast and good for the environment.”

While he waits for the chance to hit the road both as a driver and a musical performer, one thing is for sure – Dynamite Dylan is entertaining his fans, while holding on to his down-to-earth charm.

Dylan’s father is understandably proud of his son’s hard work and his recent success. “As a parent looking in and being a part of the building process I’m extremely proud of Dylan and his strength to stay positive and focused on what he loves and believes in,” he said. “It’s tough being a kid in this industry and how hurtful the Internet can be at times but he’s stayed with it and hasn’t lost his love for it, which would make any parent proud!”

For more information about Dynamite Dylan, including how to keep up with all his latest projects, visit his official links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube. You can also find out more about West Coast Customs at www.westcoastcustoms.com.

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