Aviella Winder performs at the NY State Fair

Aviella Winder performs at the New York State Fair
Story by Michael Aaron Gallagher of StayFamous.Net

“Aviella Winder has the presence of a star. The enthusiasm and talent she brings to her performances is outstanding.” – StayFamous.Net

(Syracuse, NY) – At age 13, up-and-coming singer-songwriter Aviella Winder of Rochester, NY is winning over fans with her cheerful personality, her pink guitar and her own original style.

After debuting her first CD a few months ago, part of which was recorded at The Great House of Guitars Studio, she recently played six sets on the Colonnade Stage and the WCNY Stage at the New York State Fair.

In addition to performing songs she wrote and recorded herself, like the catchy title track off her album “Ready for Today,” Winder also performed a selection of popular songs by Miley Cyrus (“Party In the USA”), Taylor Swift (“Our Song” and “You Belong With Me”), and Justin Bieber. I recently had the opportunity to ask Aviella about her new album and her State Fair performances.

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “What was your favorite part about performing at the New York State Fair?”

Aviella Winder: “I have been performing at the NYS Fair for three years now (starting at age 10), and it has been so amazing to come back each year! This year I was booked to perform six shows. Each time I have been performing at the fair, my following and fan base has been growing, and I am so appreciative for that! Sharing my original songs and music with people from all over New York State is a really amazing opportunity! It’s exciting when my fans say how much they like my music, and some even memorize the words, and sing along with me! I like seeing people enjoying themselves. I am also always happy to raise money to donate to the Soldier’s Angels Organization from the items that I sell at my merchandise table after my concerts. I am an active member of the Soldier’s Angels Organization, and it makes me happy to help others.”

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “Do you take music or singing lessons?”

Aviella Winder: “I started singing when I was just a little baby, and I kept practicing on my own throughout the years. It wasn’t until recently that I began working with a vocal coach in LA, who has worked with people in the industry such as the Jonas Brothers, Aly and AJ, Jackson 5, the entire cast of Glee, and many others! I’ve learned so much! I originally started taking piano lessons about four years ago, and though I liked it…I had a yearning to learn the guitar but wanted to try out different instruments. I am also an actress, and knowing that piano comes in handy for theater…I was interested in learning it as a first instrument, to try it out. I also always wanted to play guitar, and when I picked it up and played around on it for a little while, I absolutely LOVED it! I began taking lessons two years ago and started performing out with my guitar at some local festivals and events after only two months of taking lessons! I now continue to take guitar lessons, and still play piano by ear.”

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “How long did it take you to record your new album?”

Aviella Winder: “It took about a year and a half to record my debut album. It was recorded in a couple different local studios. It doesn’t take me long to write songs, but the process of recording sometimes takes a little while. I am now actually also learning on my own how to produce my own music! I’ve been writing songs since I was 7, and I have sharpened my skills a lot along the way. I can write a song in about 30 minutes… I am continuing to write music all the time, and I am hoping to have another album out sometime in the near future! I’m also looking forward to collaborating with other musicians and artists that I’ve met.”

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “During your show, you mentioned meeting John Legend and Justin Bieber. What was that experience like and how did you end up meeting them?”

Aviella Winder: “Yes, I have met John Legend and Justin Bieber! I met John during my three week stay in LA, this past July. I had a meeting with him at his house, and it was so awesome! I performed a couple of my originals, and also sang him my cover of his song “Everybody
Knows.” As far as Justin Bieber, I met him at the P.C. and Richardson Theater in NYC! I posted a video of me singing and playing guitar to Justin’s song “One Time,” to iheartradio. They picked me to go to his private concert, and to meet him! It was such a great experience. JB and JL are two great inspirations of mine, and it would be amazing to one day open for them on stage.”

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “Do you have any other concerts coming up?”

Aviella Winder: “I had a jam-packed schedule for the past several years, performing during the week and every weekend…recently, I was signed to a management group in LA and NYC, so I’ve been back and forth a lot. During my recent visit to Cali., I met with many directors and producers in the TV/acting industry (Disney, Nickelodeon, creator of “Hannah Montana” and others) and also met with several producers in the music industry (producers of Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Kesha, Avril Levine, and more) and I also had the opportunity to perform at The Hotel Cafe and at the House of Blues. All of the meetings that I had during my visit went very well, and we will be planning our move there this year! As for any upcoming concerts of mine, I’ll be performing at some local festivals and fundraisers in Western New York and I hope to continue to perform in and out of L.A. and to be touring internationally in the future!”

Following her performances, Aviella signed autographs and greeted fans at her
merchandise booth, which offered special guitar picks, CDs, and photos.

For more information about Aviella Winder’s music, including photos, concert dates, and more visit www.aviellawinder.com. You can also follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/aviellawinder and watch videos of her performing at www.youtube.com/avialah1.

“Aviella Winder performs at the New York State Fair”
Photo of John Legend and Aviella Winder courtesy of Aviella Winder. Other photography by Michael Aaron Gallagher.
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