"There for Tomorrow" Exclusive Interview with StayFamous.Net

“There for Tomorrow’s Exclusive Interview with StayFamous.Net”
By Michael Aaron Gallagher and Guest Contributor Taylor Lipsey

“‘There for Tomorrow’ has the kick of your favorite energy drink, without the side-effects.”
– StayFamous.Net Album Review (4 ½ Stars)

After the band’s recent win for mtvU’s “Breaking Woodie Award,” an honor voted on by college students for the MTV-owned television channel, the new self-titled EP from There for Tomorrow continues to attract fans all around the world. From who came up with the band’s name to what’s next for the group, I had the chance to ask lead singer Maika Maile about their music, their fans, and the questions everyone wants to know the answers to.

“There for Tomorrow” includes Maika Maile (lead vocals), Christian Climer (guitar),
Chris Kamrada (drums), Jay Enriquez (bass) – Photo By Gage Young

Stay Famous: “How did you all meet each other?”

Maika Maile: “Chris and I met playing Pop Warner football when we were in like fourth grade. A couple years later, Chris and Jay started jamming a little and called me up to join the fun. The three of us have been playing since I was 13, and Christian came in about three years ago.”

Stay Famous: “Who came up with the band’s name?”

Maika Maile: “Lil Jay Enriquez. We just wanted a simple, yet defining name that would explain our desire to be stuck in people’s heads for the long run.”

Stay Famous: “Do any of you come from musical families?”

Maika Maile: “Very much so. I grew up around music since birth. My culture is so deeply involved with music that I developed a love for it at a very young age. I owe all my passion for music to my family and upbringing.”

Stay Famous: “Are any of your siblings also involved in music?”

Maika Maile: “Not really, actually. My brother played bass a little when he was younger, but not anymore. We all love music though.”

Stay Famous: “If you could be anything besides a musician, what would you be?”

Maika Maile: “I can’t think of having a career outside of music. My goal for further down the road in my life is to dive in to the production side of music. I love the engineering, producing, and mixing side of things. The studio is one of my favorite places to be.”

Stay Famous: “Do you have any hidden talents?”

Maika Maile: “My fingers are quadruple-jointed and multi-talented, ha, ha.”

Stay Famous: “What band would you like to perform with the most?”

Maika Maile: “Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind. I’d like to take a pick out of a hat for any of those three.”

Stay Famous: “What is your favorite song that you wrote?”

Maika Maile: “We have a lot of new songs that I feel very strongly about and that I got very personal with. We’re excited to see the outcome of these as a whole on the full length. We start working pre-production with David Bendeth, Dec. 1 for a couple days, then come back and work with James Wisner for a month in January.”

Stay Famous: “Which video, ‘Pages’ or ‘No More Room To Breathe,’ was more fun to shoot?”

Maika Maile: “‘No More Room To Breathe’ was great because we had SO much more help and it seemed like it had much bigger production behind it, even with the small budget. The team behind that video was so helpful and talented at what they did. Same goes for ‘Pages.’ We only worked with a small crew of four and built the whole set ourselves with the help of Chris Grieder, the director.”

Stay Famous: “What was it like when you found out you were going to be on mtvU?”

Maika Maile: “It was an honor for mtvU and MTV to take us under their wings like they have. We grew up watching these channels and their affiliates for so many years. Now our faces are on them. It’s almost surreal.”

Stay Famous: “Is there something that you do before every show?”

Maika Maile: “Vocal warm-ups are a MUST for the three of us that sing. Stretches and a chant are pretty crucial too.”

Stay Famous: “What is the most exciting thing about performing?”

Maika Maile: “Seeing people that know your music and sing it back to you. We write this music for ourselves, but I really try to make the lyrics relatable to anyone. So, we see that people are successfully relating to the music, it gives us all a good feeling.”

Stay Famous: “Do you have a lot of fans oversees?”

Maika Maile: “I actually couldn’t tell you because we’ve never been, but we get a lot of messages from people around the world on the internet that have very awesome things to say about us.”

Stay Famous: “Where outside the country would you like to perform the most?”

Maika Maile: “I can’t wait for Japan.”

Stay Famous: “Have you ever had any trouble with fans?”

Maika Maile: “Ha, ha, ha, ha. Um…. kind of. We appreciate everybody that supports this band, but sometimes people feel like we owe them too much. We definitely do owe any success we have to the fans and all the believers, but people get their feelings hurt if we don’t spend enough time with them or something like we used to be able to. It’s just getting harder and harder. Don’t give up on us out there! We’ve got love for everyone.”

Stay Famous: “What do you see in the band’s future?”

Maika Maile: “We have a couple runs we’re doing in December on the east coast and in Florida, then studio in January. February we’re going out with We The Kings, which we’re very excited about. Warped Tour and album release this summer!”

To find out more about “There for Tomorrow” and to listen to their music, add them as a friend on MySpace at www.myspace.com/therefortomorrow. Click here to buy their debut album.

“There for Tomorrow’s Exclusive Interview with StayFamous.Net”
Photograph: Courtesy of Another Reybee Production
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