Lia Marie Johnson always wears her sunshine (Exclusive Interview)

“Lia Marie Johnson Always Wears Her Sunshine (Exclusive Interview)”
By Michael Aaron Gallagher of StayFamous.Net

Lia Marie Johnson Actress YouTuber and Music Celebrity
Lia Marie Johnson

It’s 11 a.m. in sunny California and actress Lia Marie Johnson is on her way to Los Angeles, while doing a phone interview with a reporter in New York. Still excited about the recent Emmy win for the Viral Video Series Kids React, she talked about the thrill of being on stage in front of the audience at The Beverly Hilton hotel.

“That was probably the coolest moment ever,” Johnson said, describing how each of the cast members had the opportunity to deliver a short speech to the crowd.

She may not be a household name yet, but the 15-year-old singer and actress is already a rising YouTube star with more than 13 Million video views on her channel and fans all over the world.

But even with millions of people watching, she isn’t afraid to be herself on camera.

“I actually feel like I am more confident when I get on camera,” Johnson said. “I feel like I can just do anything, because I can cut it out if I don’t like it. In real life, I’m really outgoing. But when I’m on camera, it’s like twice that.”

Born in Wahiawa, Hawaii, Lia moved around a lot during her childhood, as a result of her father’s military career, but eventually settled in California. Fortunately, relocating to the West Coast opened up new opportunities for her in the entertainment industry, including the chance to collaborate with the Fine Brothers (Benny and Rafi), who produce the popular Kids React and Teens React webisodes on YouTube, as well as My Music (which also stars Lia in the role of Rayna).

“They teach me how to be funny a lot of the time. We have the best laughs together,” Johnson said. “Benny and Rafi give me a lot of tips. They’ve helped me a lot through my growth.”

Over the years, Lia’s confidence in front of the camera has opened up doors in a variety of genres including drama, comedy and even horror. She recently starred in the award-winning short film Monster in My Swimming Pool by director Brent Bokovoy.

“I love scary movies. I love them so much,” said Johnson, whose favorites include Orphan and The Fourth Kind. “They’re really fun to work on too, because it’s not scary at the moment.”

Whether she is developing her own projects or collaborating with other filmmakers, Lia says her favorite part of being an actress is “Being different characters. Being able to switch from a funny character to a shy character or an outgoing character. And just being different than yourself and reading lines that you wouldn’t normally say or maybe have the courage to say.”

Her latest on-screen collaboration with Awesomeness TV and director Wayne Borromeo is a twist on the traditional girls’ slumber party. The video, called “Slumber Blast,” also stars Coco Jones and peppy YouTube beauty expert Bethany Mota (MacBarbie07).

Watch the Video:

In addition to making videos with her friends, Johnson (who will begin her sophomore year in high school in the fall) also enjoys a long list of hobbies including photography, abstract art, writing sketches, playing the guitar, hiking, surfing and snowboarding. Despite her busy schedule, she is slated to release her first single, “You’re the Reason” (which will be available on iTunes) and also a new project called “Finding Cody” with Cody Simpson (click here to watch).

But even with all of the newfound attention, Lia still enjoys taking the time to sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans.

“I love talking to them on Twitter and Facebook and they really are a huge aspect of my life,” she said. “I wouldn’t be anywhere on YouTube or where I am now, without them.”

With a whirlwind of upcoming projects and exciting opportunities on the horizon, Lia holds on tight to the motto that inspires her: “No matter what the weather, always wear your sunshine.”

To watch Lia’s most recent videos, visit her YouTube channel at You can also connect with Lia on Twitter @LiaMarieJohnson or on her Facebook fan page at

Lia Marie Johnson Always Wears Her Sunshine (Exclusive Interview)
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