Kevin Sorbo Branches Out in New Movie Role (Exclusive Interview)

Kevin Sorbo branches out in new movie role
By Michael Aaron Gallagher of StayFamous.Net

“‘What If…” is a touching and inspirational film filled with comedic moments and an uplifting message that reminds audiences that it’s never too late to live the life you were meant to live.” – StayFamous.Net

Kevin Sorbo (right) stars in the film "What If..." Photo courtesy of Director Dallas Jenkins.
Kevin Sorbo (right) stars in the film “What If…” Photo courtesy of Director Dallas Jenkins.
When he isn’t wielding swords and fighting off armies of attackers in space, actor Kevin Sorbo is a down-to-earth family man, who is proving to audiences around the country that he is much more than a Hollywood action star.

“I love playing the good guy in the hero roles,” Sorbo said recently. “But I’ve been spending the last three years mixing it up and playing different roles to stretch myself as an actor.”

In one of his most powerful, moving performances, Sorbo demonstrates his versatility as an actor, playing Ben Walker in the new film, “What If…” Although the movie was a runner up to “The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” which received Best Family Film at the 19th Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Awards, Sorbo won the award for Most Inspirational Performance of the Year.

“What If…” tells the story of Ben Walker, a high-power investment banker who made a choice 15 years ago to leave his true calling and is now given the chance to see what his life could have become if he had taken that path. The cast also includes Kristy Swanson (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), John Ratzenberger (“Toy Story”), Debby Ryan (“16 Wishes”) and a cameo by director Dallas Jenkins.

“I think everybody has a ‘what if’ in their life,” Sorbo said. “Everyone has something they regret… I should have stayed with that person, I should have taken that job, I should have moved to that city.”

When his character, discovers how his life would have been if he had made different decisions along the way, the audience has an opportunity to take away several important lessons from the film, including the possibility of redemption.

“I think the lesson in the movie is: It’s never too late to change. So many people are unhappy with where they are in their life,” Sorbo said. “And they don’t have to be. It is a decision and you just have to be strong enough to make it. On the flip side is the old, ‘the grass is greener’ syndrome. When, in fact, the life you have, really isn’t that bad. You just need to learn to accept it, relax, and open your eyes to the good things that you already have.”

As a producer, director and actor, Sorbo is branching out this year, taking on more than nine movie projects in the past 12 months alone, including dramatic on-screen roles. Some of his recent films include the movie “Soul Surfer” starring AnnSophia Robb (now in theaters), and projects for the Hallmark Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, SONY Entertainment and many more. This year he will also begin shooting a western with Ann-Margaret called “Tranquility,” and another faith-based film entitled, “Abel’s Field” (a modern version of the classic story of Cain and Abel set in the world of Friday night football).

Like his character in the film, “What If…” Sorbo is proving that there is more to life than money, power and success. Although he is surrounded by the pressures of a busy Hollywood schedule (he reads hundreds of movie scripts each year), he still makes time to go camping with his own children and give back to his community in his work with the charity “A World Fit For Kids.” As a spokesperson and chair for the organization, he promotes healthy behaviors and personal empowerment among today’s youth through mentoring. To find out how you can get involved visit

“What If…” is currently available on DVD from Pure Flix Entertainment in Walmart, bookstores and  For more information about “What If…” visit To start following Kevin Sorbo on Twitter go to or visit his official Web site at

“Kevin Sorbo branches out in new movie role”
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