Judy Greer shares her feelings about Matt Damon and ‘Archer’ (Exclusive Interview)

“Judy Greer shares her feelings about Matt Damon”
Interview by Michael Aaron Gallagher of StayFamous.Net

Judy Greer
Judy Greer

It seems that even Hollywood celebrities daydream about working with their favorite stars from time to time. For actress Judy Greer, there’s one actor in particular she’d like to meet… and work closely with in the studio. But before we get into that, there are a few other things you should know about one of Hollywood’s most talented comedic actresses.

As a co-star on the CBS comedy “Mad Love” (starring Jason Biggs and Sarah Chalke) and the FX animated spy series “Archer” (starring H. Jon Bejamin, Aisha Tyler and Chris Parnell), Greer is described as a “hard-working actress” and a “shape shifter.”

“I would describe myself as a fun actress,” Greer said. “I’ve been able to, in my career, to play a lot of different types of roles.”

Although people often ask her, “Don’t you wish you were the star?” She is quick to point out that even though she is known for her supporting roles, her hard work is paying off and she is more than happy with her career.

“I’m really thrilled with how everything is turning out for me,” Greer said.

In my second interview with the sitcom star, I asked her about her role on the FX animated series “Archer,” and who she would like to see guest star on the show.

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “How did you first get started in animation and what was it about ‘Archer’ that made you decide to do the show?”

Judy Greer: “My first experience in animation, I think I did like one word on ‘Family Guy’ … I think I said one word on an episode and I was excited about that. Then, I did this little tiny role in a movie, a Japanese animated zone called ‘The Cat Returns’ … Then I auditioned for this Nickelodeon show called ‘Glenn Martin DDS’ and got booked on that.”

“Then while that was happening, I just was on location working on a movie and I got sent the script for Archer… I read the script before I went in and it was so dirty. I was like this is never going to make it on the air, but… I’ll make a couple of bucks for the day, my day off, anyways. Then, who knew? It was snowballing and… I loved it.”

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “Did you do any special training for voice acting or does it just come naturally?”

Judy Greer: “No, I didn’t actually. I mean when I was in acting school, I trained my voice, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve done special training since. I mean there’s certain like tricks of the trade that you learn to do like don’t eat a lot of cheese the day before you’re recording. For some reason, it makes you really mucousy. It’s gross, I know, sorry, but no, I don’t have to do anything specific. It’s fun when I get to play a small part on ‘Archer’ where I’ll be another character for a few lines…and that’s kind of fun, because I get to change my voice, but no, I don’t really do anything specific. I find that I’m better if I can perceive myself and thankfully, they let me do that.”

Michael Aaron Gallagher: “Is there anyone that you would like to see star on ‘Archer,’ like do a guest starring appearance?”

Judy Greer: “Matt Damon, because then I could meet him, maybe if he was in L.A. when he did it and if they’d schedule us back to back, I would totally send a mean letter to someone in charge. I guess, I would like to see people star on ‘Archer’ who I want to meet, but only if they’re in L.A. like Matt Damon or I think it’d be really fun to have Sarah Silverman on it. I don’t know if she’s been on it. It feels like she should have but maybe, she hasn’t. She’d be … awesome. Michael Hall would be so fun to have on ‘Archer.’ He’s such a great voice! I feel like I could go on and on—”

Scott Seomin (of FX Networks): “Judy, if we get Matt Damon, we’ll just schedule you in the booth at the same time, not back to back.”

Judy Greer: “Yes, because he might need to have some pointers even though he did … ‘Happy Feet.’”

Scott Seomin (of FX Networks): “Well, I just thought you could just spend time in the booth alone with him.”

Judy Greer: “Yes, no I should probably—maybe, when Jody goes to get lunch.”

So will Judy Greer ever meet Matt Damon? Will he make a guest appearance on “Archer?” You’ll just have to keep watching to find out. “Archer” airs at 10 p.m. Thursdays on FX. To watch clips from the show visit www.fxnetworks.com.

“Judy Greer shares her feelings about Matt Damon”
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