Greg Kurka releases new music for fans

Greg Kurka releases new music for fans
By Michael Aaron Gallagher of StayFamous.Net
“Greg Kurka’s new independent album ‘Southern Migration’ is original and imaginative. He once again demonstrates his talent for composing dance tracks that blend style with substance.”

Milwaukee native Greg Kurka, who is best known for recording the pop song “Selena Gomez,” recently released a new album on iTunes called “Southern Migration.”
Since debuting his music on YouTube (he’s been a member since 2006), his songs have garnered millions of plays and were even recently mentioned by Gomez herself. With his mix of piano, guitar, drums and digital effects, Kurka has managed to assemble a group of songs that not only captures his unique style and personality, but like his previous work they are also catchy and fun to listen to.
Kurka’s new EP, which is currently available on iTunes features seven new tracks including: Reflections, Uno Uno, Lions, Lights, Milwaukee Nostalgia and Champions.
To download the entire EP visit: Individual songs can also be purchased for 99 cents.
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“Greg Kurka releases new music for fans”
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