Good Stewardship is Good Business

“Good Stewardship is Good Business”
By Michael Aaron Gallagher

Esquire magazine called it the “Innovation of the Year,” while Forbes raved that the Lifestraw is “one of the ten things that will change the way we live.” (

Not many $3 products have the potential to save lives more quickly or easily. So what is so unique about the Lifestraw?

According to Vestergaard Frandsen, the company that manufactures disease control textiles, it can kill and remove 99% of all viruses and bacteria from water. For millions of people around the world who lack clean drinking water, this simple invention could prevent dehydration and disease, making it possible for anyone with access to natural reservoirs like streams, lakes, and rivers, to have their own personal filtration device.

The Lifestraw may indeed be the transitional invention that allows underdeveloped nations to improve their health care, while they work toward more effective long-term solutions. In the end, good business is about good stewardship. Companies like Vestergaard Frandsen are proving that design innovation can not only change the way we live, but it can also save the world.

To find out how you can help donate the Lifestraw to people in need, please visit:

“Good Stewardship is Good Business”
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Photographs: Courtesy of Vestergaard Frandsen

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