Demi Lovato’s mysterious sequel

Demi Lovato’s mysterious sequel
“Here We Go Again” album review
By Michael Aaron Gallagher

Review: 5 Stars (out of 5 stars)
“With a unique blend of pop and rock & roll that characterizes Demi Lovato’s music, her sophomore album ‘Here We Go Again’ achieves a broader, more mainstream sound, while still delivering all the power, passion and perfection she is known for.” -StayFamous.Net

As the only recording artist to receive two full-length album reviews on StayFamous.Net, singer/songwriter Demi Lovato needs no introduction. On July 21, she released her sophomore CD entitled “Here We Go Again” (available on Hollywood Records). And one thing is certain, Demi Lovato sounds better than ever.

With a more mature, polished vocal performance and its mix of energetic pop/rock anthems and soft, soulful ballads, “Here We Go Again” is more than just a continuation of her debut CD “Don’t Forget.” It is an album that stands on its own as yet another example of why Lovato is deserving of some of the music industry’s highest honors.

From the soulful sound of the Grammy-worthy song, “Every Time You Lie,” which is reminiscent of her earlier song “Behind Enemy Lines,” to the radio-friendly track, “U Got Nothin’ On Me,” Lovato’s new CD boasts an eclectic sound that fans of all ages can enjoy.

Tracks on “Here We Go Again” include:

1. Here We Go Again
2. Solo
3. U Got Nothin’ On Me (* Must listen to song)
4. Falling Over Me
5. Quiet
6. Catch Me (*Top Pick for STAYFAMOUS.NET “Favorite Song” on the Album)
7. Every Time You Lie (* Must listen to song)
8. Got Dynamite
9. Stop the World
10. World of Chances
11. Remember December
12. Everything You’re Not
13. Gift of a Friend
14. So Far So Great

Like her debut album “Don’t Forget,” Lovato’s sophomore release was produced by John Fields. What distinguishes her new record is the conspicuous absence of the Jonas Brothers (with the exception of the cryptic song “Stop the World,” which was co-written by Nick Jonas). The slightly more mature feel of “Here We Go Again” undoubtedly comes from the influence of the 20 credited co-writers who participated in the creation of the album, including her collaboration with John Mayer (Columbia Records).

After hearing Lovato’s music, you can’t help but wonder what the deeper meanings are behind some of her songs. For example, who inspired the heartfelt lyrics in “Stop the World” or “Don’t Forget,” and what does the mysterious message mean in the special thank you notes of her new CD in which she says, “even though we can’t stop the world… I can promise you will have my heart forever?”

As intriguing as it is to wonder about the story behind her lyrics, perhaps knowing the answers would spoil the mystery of her music. Nevertheless, even without the backstory, fans can still relate to the heartfelt performances and the catchy choruses.

Younger audiences will also appreciate the inclusion of the theme from her popular Disney Channel television show “Sonny with a Chance,” as well as the album’s title track which is already popular on Radio Disney.

Although “Here We Go Again” does not boast any Spanish recordings like its predecessor, her outstanding version of “Lo Que Soy” from the “Don’t Forget: Deluxe Edition” proved she has the ability to record a separate Spanish language CD, something that audiences will undoubtedly hope for.

Still, even without a Spanish track or a duet, her new album, with a total of 14 songs, gives listeners plenty of music to enjoy. Fans of Lovato will certainly not be disappointed by her latest project. For those who may not be familiar with her music, the more mature vocal sound and lyrical versatility, provides a diverse musical offering that includes everything from dance beats to electric guitar, once again proving there isn’t a style of music Lovato can’t convincingly perform.

If Demi Lovato continues to write and perform songs with the same level of energy, dedication and passion she displayed on her first two albums, there will be no stopping her. In the mean time, you can expect “Here We Go Again” to solidify her status as a global rock star. And if her song, “U Got Nothin’ On Me” eventually hits pop radio stations around the country, you can bet on this prediction – Demi Lovato will become a household name.

So where should she take her music next? The answer is…. anywhere she wants to.

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“Demi Lovato’s mysterious sequel
“Here We Go Again” album review”
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