Aviella Winder releases ‘Crazy Thing’ music video (Exclusive Interview)

“Aviella Winder releases ‘Crazy Thing’ music video (Exclusive Interview)”
By Michael Aaron Gallagher of StayFamous.Net

Aviella Winder Guitar
Aviella Winder

When 14-year-old singer-songwriter Aviella Winder left her hometown of Rochester, New York to pursue her dreams in California, she had already recorded her first album and performed at the New York State Fair. Now with 1.4 Million views on her YouTube channel, she is debuting her first big music video for the single “Crazy Thing.”

“I really liked the meaning behind the lyrics and the emotions I felt when I was writing this song,” Aviella said. “I wanted to find a memorable way of getting the meaning across and making it so people who listen to the song, will think of the video and its meaning every time they hear it.”

Recorded by Jason Roberts at his studio, The Lab in Los Angeles, the song took Winder around a half an hour to write. Once the final track was ready, Phil Huff was chosen to direct the music video.

“He did an amazing job putting it all together,” Aviella said. “It’s actually a cool story because he was my neighbor back in Rochester and was going to college for Film Producing and Directing and moved out here to California to pursue his career.”

The entire music video, with four separate scenes, was shot in a single day at her house in California and a nearby park.

Aviella Winder films her music video for "Crazy Thing."
Aviella Winder films her music video for “Crazy Thing.”

“I think that my favorite part of the process of making the video was how natural everything was,” Aviella said. “A bunch of my friends came over and it was really fun, just like a party! It was unscripted and definitely didn’t seem like we were doing work. All of the emotions in the video just felt so real and being with my friends made it such a fun time!”

“Honestly I think the whole thing came out perfectly but my favorite part would have to be the park scenes towards the end of the video.”Aviella said. “It was beautiful there and it was fun finding a place on the rocks that overlooked the water where nobody was really around. Every time I pass the park now I have so many great memories!”

In the end, it is the positive message in her song that she hopes resonates with fans.

“The music video is about liking someone and not having to change yourself in order to be with them,” Aviella said. “Just be who you are.”

Watch Aviella Winder’s “Crazy Thing” Music Video:

For more information about Aviella Winder, including upcoming concert dates, photos and more, visit her official website at www.aviellawinder.com. You can also follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/aviellawinder. To watch more of her music videos go to www.youtube.com/user/Avialah1.

“Aviella Winder releases ‘Crazy Thing’ music video (Exclusive Interview)”
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