Alex Goyette is a master of the viral video (Exclusive Interview)

Alex Goyette is a master of the viral video (Exclusive Interview)
By Michael Aaron Gallagher

Alex Goyette
Alex Goyette
For many YouTubers, the “viral video” is their Holy Grail. They are on a quest to capture that one magic moment that people can’t stop talking about, the link that is passed along, beyond friends and family, and replayed again and again on computers and mobile devices around the world.

When it comes to making viral videos, 24-year-old writer/director Alex Goyette has the Midas touch. Since launching his YouTube channel in April of 2011, his pranks and parodies have garnered millions of views and attracted the attention of Hollywood executives.

“I created a few comedy skits and one of them was featured on, and,” Goyette said in a recent interview with StayFamous.Net. “It was called 10 Ways to Get Fired.”

Not long after shooting that video, Alex also starred in a “Where’s Waldo?” movie trailer parody that put a creative twist on the classic child’s game (click to watch). “That was what got me a pitch meeting with Brian [Robbins] and Joe [Davola] here at Awesomeness TV,” Goyette said. “We talked over a few ideas and they were interested in having me create more viral content that had the same production value as some of the stuff that I produced on my own channel.”

Alex Goyette talks about his work with AwesomenessTV:

Founded by veteran television producer Brian Robbins, Awesomeness TV is quickly becoming a leader in content creation for a new generation of young viewers. The channel, which caters to tween and teen audiences, provides professional resources to up-and-coming YouTube stars in a fun, collaborative environment.

“It’s just a really great opportunity to work with great producers,” Goyette said. “As I’m writing the script, I’m always getting great notes from these big people in the industry… they definitely know what they’re doing and have a lot of talent.”

As the landscape of entertainment media changes, traditional television is being replaced by the 24-7 online streaming of video content. Already, there are TV shows and movies that don’t get as many viewers as some of the videos on YouTube. Tapping into that audience is something Alex has learned how to do.

“Whenever I put a project together, I always think about whether this is something that I myself would want to watch. So that’s step one,” he said. “If I’m creating something just for the views, then that is not the right approach… We definitely want to create material that’s trending and that’s within the social zeitgeist but I also am a huge believer in good content, over whatever is trending at the moment.”

From his Harry Potter spoofs to iMac and iPhone pranks, Alex Goyette is using his creativity and filmmaking talent to entertain audiences and make people laugh. And if Alex could have anyone guest star in one of his videos, who would he like to make a cameo appearance?

“I’d have to go with Nicholas Cage,” he said. “I would love nothing more than to create the Con Air of YouTube. I think that he is a fascinating actor. He’s got a lot of talent and he’s just a fun person to watch on the screen. So if I could get him on board, that would be the best day of my life.”

To subscribe to Alex Goyette’s YouTube channel and watch more of his videos (click here). You can also follow him on Twitter @TheJouleThief.

Alex Goyette is a master of the viral video (Exclusive Interview)
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